Think Twice is a collective of researchers, professionals and thinkers focusing on critical of contemporary issues in the still colonial contemporary academia and beyond. the collective works both as a news outlet and as publishing platform for critical essays. to encourage the proposition of fresh ideas, Think Twice has a yearly focus on specific topics, including our own provocations and a yearly external call for papers.

Think Twice Team

Julia Alting

graduated from Amsterdam University College with an Honours BA in History of Art and Cultural Studies and a thesis on alternative online curatorial initiatives. She is currently studying at SOAS, University of London for a semester as part of her Research MA Arts & Culture and MA South Asian Studies at Leiden University. Her interests lie in the intersection of aesthetics and politics within contemporary art practices; recently her research has turned towards conceptions of time in relation to the discipline of Art History from a decolonial perspective.  

Giovanni Bottacini

is a sinologist and researcher on the art practices of the contemporary world. he spent the last years in around China, collaborating with local and international cultural institutions. his latest researches focus on sound, queer, and video game art and culture in China. he is interested in the transcultural integration of new non-western theoretical concepts into the now-stale western academic debate as proposal for a decolonial action.

Paula Kaori Nishijima

is a visual artist from São Paulo/Brazil. her research-led practice often unfolds on the crossroads of academia, institutional critique and participatory social practice. she studies the duality between producer and consumer and its ramifications in nature and health. Paula combines her artistic practice with her editorial work through independent editorial projects. she is part of the translocalia.com—a network of artists, designers, curators, audiences and professionals from different domains to discuss, share and plan for the future through art.

Irene Urrutia

holds an M.A. in Contemporary Art with a Global Perspective from Leiden University. She is specialized in contemporary art and Mexican art history, with experience in the independent contemporary art scene of Mexico City. Her current research interests include the affective and epistemological potential of contemporary art, as well as its social, political and ecological possibilities.

Alison Ranninger

is an independent curator and arts educator of interdisciplinary art. She holds a Masters of Arts degree in Art History from Leiden University, and has presented and published her research internationally on diverse topics such as art accessibility, aesthetics and politics in regard to human agency, and social practice art. She is interested in how contemporary artists respond to the urgent questions and events of our time, not only by representing these situations but also by directly intervening in the social domain. Her current projects and research focus on using technology in art to increase accessibility for people with disabilities in art spaces.