Propositions to reimagine the future through artistic thinking

we are a collective of researchers, professionals and thinkers focusing on critical of contemporary issues in the still colonial contemporary academia and beyond. the collective works both as a news outlet and as publishing platform for critical essays. to encourage the proposition of fresh ideas, Think Twice has a yearly focus on specific topics, including our own provocations and a yearly external call for papers.


understanding powerstructures through discourse

the inaugural provocation of Think Twice addresses language as a tool for the construction of power in cultural discourse. the power of language is often explicit in the language of power, in canonized statements reflecting on how society has been shaped throughout the years. by changing language, can we change the constructs of power? how can art translate language as an alternative discourse? power-full language open debate, proposed by Think Twice, includes a series of actions combining theory and practice through social participation and interaction taking place in the spring semester of 2019. the group’s online platform will facilitate the laboratory of thought, another prong of the project which aims at bringing to life different topics analysing language and power through the lens of broader domains such as philosophy, literature, cultural history, contemporary art, etc. our final prong, pro-creation, realizes the discussion initiated by the laboratory of thought in the form of a symposium + workshop + public artistic intervention in which social engagement is the key factor. 

general objectives

Think Twice: power-full language envisions to examine to what extent power and language are connected in building contemporary social structures from different perspectives.

specific objectives

  • – discuss the role of language in different domains and provide multiple insights on its relation with power structures;
  • – create an open debate through Think Twice online platform;
  • – explore artistic practices as communication tools;
  • – engage society in the debate through participatory actions.